Oscillating Granulator



Mechanical process in which the product is pressed through a sieve with a specially shaped rotor-arm to obtain a desired particle size. This process results in a narrow distribution spectrum as only the product having the right shape, size & position is broken & passed through the sieve. In tablet making, the process of granulation plays a vital role because the quality of the final tablet will depend on the quality of granules used for its compression. Most suitable for production of granules from wet and dry material. The quality of granules are better compared to other processing machineries such as Multi Mill, comminuting Mill. A unique Oscillatory rotor ensures high out put and efficient granulation .


The machine consists of a rotor with six hexagonal bars which oscillates at 60RPM, against perforated SS sieves forcing granules out. There is a quick opening arrangement for fixing perforated sieve with tightening device. Safety guard on the hopper is provided. All contact parts of the machine including front portion is made out of SS 304. Rotor can be easily removed for cleaning. The machine is driven by oil filled worm gear box and powered by suitable electric motor complete with starter and tray holder.

The oscillating motion of the rotor improves the granulating process. This sensitive handling of the product emulates the hand operation of an experienced pharmacist.One important feature of the oscillating granulator is the continuous variation of the speed & force applied to the material. The back & forth motion of the rotor results in an even distribution of the material.


Hopper Capacity

33 Ltrs

Stirrer Sizes

6’ X 15 Long


30 to 200 Kgs./ hour
(Depend on material & mesh size)

Power Supply

1.5 HP, 1440 RPM, 440 Volt,
3Phase, 50 Cycles AC


35’ X 20” X 60” (H)

Net Weight

210 Kgs.

Gross Weight

295 Kgs.




GMP Model
Lab Model
MOC – Contact Parts – S.S. 316

Scale Application

R & D, Laboratory, F & D

Stirrer Sizes

3” (ɸ) X 6” (L)


10 TO 50 Kgs./ hour
(*Depend on material & mesh size)

Power Supply

0.25/0.5 HP, 1440 RPM, 440 Volt,
3Phase, 50 Cycles AC
Crompton Greaves Make