Glue Labeling Machine



SHIV SHL-150 Automatically Labels on round container of glass & plastic with wrap around labels and also flag type in the vertical position by using cold glue. SHL-150 is rigid, versatile and engineered for reliability and enhance operational efficiency in additional, it has several exclusive feature which offer additional advantages.


The round containers is transferred on the moving conveyer from the in built UNSCRAMBLER and positioned accurately by feed worm at the labeling point, the rotating glue cylinder receives cold glue from the glue pot which transferred on the glue rubber roller, finally even and thin film of glue is transferred to the gluing pad.

The round container at the feed worm pushes the Micro Switch which results in the oscillation of the label box. Rotating gluing pad picks-up one label from the oscillating label box.

The pick-up cylinder receives this label with the help of pick-up fingers from the gluing pad and holds the label perfectly with the help of vacuum .the round container at the labeling point is now wrapped around with the glued label , finally the moving container passes through a rubber pressing belt which ensures near and perfect fixing of label .




Direction Of Movement

Left to Right

Out Put / Hour

3000 to 9000 Containers / Hour

Un Scramble

762 mm Diameter (Synchronized main motor)

Electrical Rating

1 HP – Mail Motor , 0.5 HP – Vacuum Pump

Over All Dim.

3000 X 1061 X 750 to 840 mm Adjustable Height

Net Weight

580 Kgs.


Round container diameter: 16 to 90 mm
Length 20mm. to 140 mm. (in special case up to 160 mm.)
Width 16 mm. to 90 mm


  • S.S cladding of all exposed parts to ensure long life and to resist corrosion.
  • S.S. elegantly matt finished body.
  • S.S. slat conveyor.
  • Minimum change over time.
  • Digital pulse counter.
  • Suitable for overlap and flag type labeling.
  • Suitable for glass, pet, HDPE bottle.
  • No container no label system.