De-Blistring Machine



De-Blisterinf Machine is used for empty finished blisters which have been rejected from the packaging line because of empty pockets, poor seals, incorrect batch coding etc. The good product can then be re-packaged to increase yield and reduce wastage costs. Easy to operate and ensures safe and efficient recovery of filled products.


  • Design to comply with stringent cGMP Norms.
  • Stringent control over materials and manufactring.
  • Finely tunedd rubber roll for minimum product breakage.
  • Bottom support to the rubber roll to prevent the blister from crushing during the recovery operation
  • Accomodates combination packs for recovery.
  • Easy movement of blisters specially in the case of longer pack size is ensured by the adjustment of the guid track.
  • Special A.C Synchronous motor makes the machine compact, reuces the noise level and maintenance.
  • Manual feeding of blister pack makes visual inspection easy.
  • S.S cover in strategic places.


  • A.C Synchronous motor gives uniform velocity and thus uniform tork.
  • Power requirement -220 v single phase.
  • Current reqd. 0.6 A.
  • Speed 60 r.p.m.