Automatic Coating Machine



Coating pallets, granules and tablets with various medium

  • Film coating with organic solvent
  • Film coating with aqueous coating
  • Sugar coating

THE Machine Is Having Following Major Salientfeatures-

  • Complies with the highest standard of GMP regulation.
  • Automated process. Maintain uniformity of coating.
  • Highly efficient spray system with spray guns, controlling the quality of coating of Tablets.
  • Flexible batch operations.
  • Product protective handling to prevent chipping of tablets.
  • Pan cabinet is absolutely air tight and ensures no pollution in production environment.
  • Complete separation of production and technical area.
  • Excellent mixing and tumbling by special design of baffles.
  • Advanced CIP system.
  • Treatment of exhaust air for pollution free operation.
  • Eliminates manual reference and coater’s expertise.
  • Auto spray stop in case of disturbance in pan drive to protect tablets or granules from any damage due to system failure.
  • Depending on shape, size and pattern of Rolling of Tablets, the spraying angle can be adjusted with the device within the spray gun.
  • Easy adjustment device for leveling the cabinet.
  • Close compact layout. PLC controller and peristaltic pump fitted with cabinet itself to avoid floor space occupation.
  • Dose, pause and drying cycle can be revalidated with the help of PLC.

Unique Construction Details “SPE-AUTO COATERs”

  • A perforated cylindrical vessel of SS-316 fixed on a hanging drive shaft fitted with Baffles of SS-316 kept in an Air-tight cabinet.
  • Free hanging drum eliminates all mechanical components in the coating chamber. Sealing partition isolation panning area from technical zone.
  • Rounded interior corners for efficient cleaning. Large side doors allow complete access to the coating chamber for cleaning and inspection.
  • Highly efficient spray system, with sophisticated spray guns, completely free from choking problem, controls both the application rate and the droplet size for all types of coating.
  • Spray gun is of size 1mm or 1.5mm as per customer’s requirements.
  • Peristaltic Pump is a versatile variable speed pump provided with Digital controller for precise speed regulation and rapid priming facility for accurate closing.
  • Solution holding Tank: – The tank is made of SS-316, with stirrer and the entire set is portable and easy to handle. A SS stirrer with well fitted Blade inside gives a solution with speed control.
  • Hot air inlet blower with temperature control.
  • Hot air exhaust unit driven by suitable Blower Motor connected with SS-304 Duct line and Silencer.
  • Auto unloading of Tablets – Inserting the discharge scoop inside the pan at the time of rotation, entire coated material can be taken out. (Optional)
  • Coating pan Drive assembly with appropriate Motor FLP/440 Volt/ 3 Phase coupled with electrically operated speed Variation and gearbox to achieve the pan speed range from 1 to 15 RPM.
  • Electro-pneumatically operated control panel complete with PLC system.
  • An integrated CIP (Clean-in-place) washing system complete with pump, jet nozzle, with sink and drain.
  • Differential pressure gauges are provided to detect the static pressure developed within the system.


Working Capacity

15” as per pan ( Interchangeable – 12” – 20”

Pan Speed – RPM

1 – 18

Main Drive FLP Motor – HP


Hot Air inlet blower – HP


Exhaust blower motor – HP


Hot Air Fan Capacity in CFM


Exhaust blower fan capacity in CFM


Electrical Heater (kw)

1 KW x 18 nos. = 18 KW

Allover Dimension Machine LWH

1200 x 900 x 1600